Anpanman Push Bike/Walker
Anpanman Push Bike/Walker

Anpanman Push Bike/Walker

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-Open the bonnet in front of anpanman large reliefs with accessories you can enter is has.
-Bacteria and dokin-Chan and with tires and tire moves round and round around.
-Handle, push button, sound anpanman chatter, melody and horn sounds, etc..
-Equipped with also a lot of growth in children's play.
-Rotating drum pull-lever play and the beads in briskly.
-The key twist-play and crisp sound.
-Turn the small gear-and with the even bigger one around.
-Glimpses of anime → Windows play in the opening and closing of Windows.

■ age group: from 10 months to 5 years
■ size :W360×H880 x D 730 mm * guard, push bar with size (max.)

* AA alkaline battery 2 battery (optional)